Protective And Safety Fabrics For Industrial Usage: Types & Applications

Workers deal with many risk factors in industrial sectors and manufacturing units, such as harmful chemicals and huge machinery. Chemical and fire accidents are most common in industrial sectors. Hence, protective and safety fabric clothing should be mandatory for them. These fabrics will prevent and protect the workers from accidents and mishappenings.

Types of Safety Fabrics in Industries

Technical textiles are used for workwear or industrial purposes. These fabrics are conceptualized with a performance at their design forefront. Industrial textiles have various types of specialized functions and properties to protect workers. It is designed with properties that enable the workers to perform operational activities safely. Industrial wear is made up of certain properties such as antibiotic, chemical resistance, Anti-static, and Flame resistant- for example, Fire Proximity Suits India is the best example of it, Insect repellent, odour absorbent and resistant, and UV resistant. 

Various fabric types are used for industrial wear, such as woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, and aluminized laminates. These are specifically designed to use in protective workplace garments. These fabrics are accomplished with flame retardant, anti-acid, anti-static, high-visibility, and electric arc protection factors for the safety of workers. In addition, industrial fabrics are developed with highly comfortable and breathable fabrics to maximize wearer comfort. This helps the workers to perform their operational tasks comfortably. For example, Polo Safety Shirts offer higher comfort with protection.

Application of Protective and Safety Fabrics Types in Industries


Coveralls are the oldest form of protective wear. It is significantly used in various industries such as mechanical, chemical, and others. These are used to shield the body from exposure to all dangerous and hazardous conditions. It is made up of a sturdy fabric that secures the worker’s body from all external hazards. Therefore, it acts as a protective layer on the body. The Cotton Interlock Footed Coverall is one of the best coveralls with extensive property.

High Visibility Workwear

The high visibility workwear allows the worker to remain visible from a far distance. Therefore, it protects from work-related accidents. Due to the high visibility fabric colour, the worker escapes from accidents. These clothes are made of unique colours such as yellow, orange, green, and other bright colours with high visibility (magenta and pink).

These are also made of unique fabrics with a colour spectrum. Therefore, these fabrics are commonly used as protective wear in construction activities such as road and building construction and other civil projects. The Vibgyor WorkWear is known for its fabric with various protective properties.

Flame Resistant

This type of industrial clothing protects the worker from fire hazards and accidents. The IFR Fabric in India is used to make flame-resistant workwear. It is made from fire-retardant materials. It offers protection against light and high temperatures. These are used in industrial verticals such as energy, chemical, and food processing.

Industrial workwear plays an essential role in workers’ life in industrial sectors. It offers higher protection from various hazards.