Common Industries with Fire Hazards and need of FR Clothing

Occupational hazards exist in every professional sphere. However, the level of occupational hazard fluctuates from profession to profession. While safety precautions are necessary everywhere, some high-pressure, high-risk environments need more than that. If you are an employee in any of the high-risk environments where catching fire is a possibility without precautions, then you need clothing like IFR Fire Retardant Coverall in India. If you work under the risk of any fire mishap, or electric contact, FR clothing must be a part of your uniform to work.

Common Fire Hazards

There are three types of hazards for which FR clothing like Inherent Flame Retardant Shirt Pant should be worn every day at work.

  • Electric Arc

Electric Arc usually increases the risk of exposure for electric or power industry workers. Utility workers and welders also have the risk of electrocution and catching fire. Such workers need Nomex Fire Retardant Coverall before going to work on field projects.

  • Flash fire

A risk for flash fire arises in the pharmaceutical, chemical and refinery sectors. For example, workers working in refinery plants can suffer from flash fire at times. The risk of fires at manufacturing plants is anyway higher. Workers in such plants need Fire Retardant Boiler Suit as part of their uniform.

  • Combustible dust

Combustible dust exposure arises mostly in paper manufacturing plants and food processing plants. Workers at such plants also need Fire Retardant Coverall to reduce the impact of combustible dust.

The different types of fire protection clothes

The clothes people wear in professional circumstances against fire exposure can be broadly divided into three categories. The categories are as follows-

Flame resistant clothing

Flame-resistant clothing is created from naturally noninflammable materials and compounds. The material structure itself resists fires and stops them. The fire-resistant material stops the spread and propagation of fires. Such clothing either impedes the spread of fire or extinguishes the flame caught on to it so that the wearer of the IFR Winter Coverall India is safe. Firemen and fighters wear this type of clothing.

Fire-Resistant Clothing

Fire-resistant clothing is a synonym of flame-resistant clothing. The term is often used as an alternative description of the above category. Fire-resistant clothing also stops the fire from propagating further.

Fire Retardant Clothing

Fire retardant clothing is made from a type of material that is not inherently noninflammable. However, the material is chemically treated to bring forth fire-retardant properties. Fire retardant clothing also works as flame-resistant clothing but only after chemical treatment.

You can source FR clothing from good and trustworthy brands like Vibgyor WorkWear if fire risk is a concern at your workplace. It is always better to take precautions instead of waiting for an accident to happen.